Colour customisation

Colour customisation

To take advantage of our free hand colouring service offered by RAINBOW CLUB for all dye able shoes. It makes perfect sense to match your shoes to your hats fascinator, clutch or dress.


  1. Select your RAINBOW CLUB shoes (new or old) and ensure they are dye able
  2. Choose colour from colour chart
  3. Attach a fabric swatch to your order form(remember it must be a minimum of 5cm x 5cm)
  4. Choose your light preference. Shades selected from our colour chart are all dyed in artificial light.
  5. Complete order form
  6. Place order form inside shoe or handbag box.
  7. Post your shoes, swatch and completed order to the address supplied on the order form. We recommend you retain proof of postage.
  8. Choose our standard service (15 working days)
  9. Choose our gold service (5 working days) for an additional £20


Transforming your Rainbow Club ivory shoes, bag or shoe clips is straight forward. Firstly, choose your colour. You may have been inspired by a shade in our colour directory (found at all our key retailers) and have a specific colour reference, or you could have a swatch to match. Next complete the separate order form contained in this box (remembering to affix your colour swatch) and post your shoes to the address supplied on the order form.

Upon arrival, your shoes will be carefully inspected by one of our colour technicians to ensure the shoes are in good condition – remember that blemishes and imperfections can affect the dyeing process. If you want to breathe new life into a pair of pre‑loved Rainbow shoes, we can guide you on the best colours to disguise signs of wear, just call us for more specific advice.

Your shade is hand mixed by one of our colour experts, carefully blending up to 20 pigments to get a precise match. The dye is delicately applied by hand, ensuring trims, lining and any embellishments are considered. The shoes are then left to dry naturally, to achieve the best results, before being inspected and packaged ready for delivery back to you.


We’ve been known to colour‑match some unusual items, but in our experience, fabric swatches and cotton reels are the best, however we will also accept dresses, bags and hats. Send us a swatch no smaller than 2” x 2” (5 cm x 5 cm).

Any garments received at Rainbow Club are always kept in a safe place and sent back to you via recorded delivery with your dyed shoes and accessories.

Our colours are individually mixed to match your colour swatch to daylight or artificial conditions. In our experience, the lighting can change how the eyes perceive the colour so it’s important you specify whether you want your product dyed to artificial or daylight conditions. When dyed to daylight conditions the colour will match to outside conditions and may appear green/blue inside. When being dyed to artificial conditions, they will match to inside conditions and may appear pink outside. If you’re unsure please contact us for advice.

All of our dyed shoes and accessories will be spray protected before being dispatched to you. We use environmentally friendly water‑based dyes and a market leading protector, which will offer a high resistance to moisture, keeping your shoes in beautiful condition but will not make them 100% waterproof.